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Knowing you are making the right decision at the dentist is difficult. Let us take a second look at your x-rays and give you peace of mind.

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The more work on your teeth a dentist treats the more money the dentist stands to make. This highly incentivizes dentists to find cavities and other work to be done in your mouth - this can leave you feeling powerless. Dental Double Check turns this model around by giving you online access to licensed dentists that have no incentive to tell you anything other than exactly what we see on your x-rays.
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We see the struggle dental patients have when making decisions. It takes a dentist four years to understand how to read an X-Ray. Patients are expected to understand after five minutes, or to simply trust the dentist. Dental Double Check gives you the information you need around your recent diagnosis without the conflict of interest. Take the power back when dealing with the health of your teeth.
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Before you jump in, here’s how Dental Double Check works. It’s simple to get started, and then we take care of the rest!
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1. Create Your Dental Double Check Account
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Create a case and we'll find you the perfect unbiased dentist to get you a second opinion on your x-rays. We'll even go get your X-rays from your original dentist!
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You'll get an unbiased and comprehensive report on your x-rays in no time, helping you make the best decision for the health of your teeth.
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We Give You the Second Opinion You Need Quickly and Online
Each submitted case is met with an incredible digital experience online that will allow you to get the unbiased second opinion on your x-rays that you need without the hassle of leaving your home. We will create a comprehensive and easy to understand report based on your records.
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